Industrial Training Institute (ITI) in chintalapudi . The Industrial Training Institute that offers the best Fitter course to make a student as a fitter profession.Curriculum typically includes pipefitter math, pipe drafting, rotating equipment alignment and rigging. Drafting courses may be taken in laboratory-type shops using professional drafting tables, rulers and computer aided drafting technology. students learn to weld pipes together. When selecting a pipefitting students could make sure the hands-on experience is done using industry-standard machines and welding tools, and that the regularly updates this equipment.


Electrical engineers hold at least a design, supervision, development and testing of electrical equipment. A prospective student can enroll in either a degree program in electrical engineering for supervisory roles.Prospective electrical engineering students choose a college based in part on which of degree options they wish to pursue. A bachelor's degree in electrical engineering is the minimum educational requirement.
Professors who are widely published and have had distinguished academic careers may figure into a prospective student's final decision on an electrical engineering.

Ref & A/C Mech

Refrigeration and air conditioning mechanics install, maintain, repair and overhaul residential central air conditioning systems, commercial and industrial refrigeration and air conditioning systems and combined heating, ventilation and cooling systems. They are employed by refrigeration and air conditioning installation contractors, various industrial settings, food wholesalers, engineering firms and retail and servicing establishments. Transport refrigeration mechanics are included in this unit group.

Computer operator

A role in IT, computer operators oversee the running of computer systems, ensuring that the machines and computers are running properly. The role of a computer operator was to work with mainframe computers which required a great deal of management day-to-day, however nowadays they often work with a variety of different systems and applications. The computer operator normally works in a server room or a data centre, but can also work remotely so that they can operate systems across multiple sites. Most of their duties are taught on the job, as their job description will vary according to the systems and set-up they help manage.

Diesel Mech

Diesel mechanics inspect and repair vehicles with diesel engines, including buses, trucks and construction machines. To repair these vehicles and diagnose malfunctions, diesel mechanics must inspect parts and systems, check batteries and adjust wheels.Being a diesel mechanic can be physically demanding. These mechanics often work in uncomfortable positions and surroundings and use dirty or oily parts and tools.While a high school diploma is the minimum educational requirement to become a diesel mechanic, many employers prefer applicants with some postsecondary training.